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Industrialization is happening at a frenetic pace around us. Keeping up with industrial growth can spell the success of your concern. At SMC, we go a step further by building customized industrial plants at short notice. Beginning from ideation to getting approval, execution and maintenance of the project, SMC manages them all in a record time of 120 days.

Apart from the construction of industrial buildings, we are also engaged in carrying out ETP civil works according to the requirements of the client. Effluent Treatment Plants using Reverse Osmosis technology are being set up by us in districts where there is increasing concern over pollution and waste of resources.

We are also involved in road works, water proofing, pest control works, industrial machinery works and more.

Knitwear product is a profitable source of income to the country. But the process involved in production specifically bleaching and dyeing generates a lot of effluents. These effluents have high biological oxygen demand, chemical oxygen demand, colour and salt content. Release of these effluents into water bodies brings untold hardships to the farming community, knitting units and the society at large.

SMC helps alleviate this problem with its complete ETP solution using the Reverse Osmosis system. In Reverse Osmosis system, water is forced across a membrane leaving the impurities behind. At SMC, we help you set up a well-equipped ETP to recycle the discharged water into a reusable form.

Sri Mookambigai Constructions provides effluent treatment solutions for various types of industrial waste water. Customised systems to suit the wide variety of effluents and to maintain efficiency are provided to industries – systems based on physico-chemical and biological treatments and membrane separation are offered to suit efficiency.

We have the experience and capability to design and commission a host of clarifiers, filters, aeration, coagulation and settling systems for waste from industries like chemicals, drugs, pharma, refineries, leachates, etc.

SMC employs advanced warehousing solutions that help you meet demanding service levels. The warehouse services we render improve inventory management, reduce total operating costs and improve cycle time. SMC design and construct warehouse buildings for both industrial and commercial use. We do the complete structural design and warehouse construction using only the highest quality steel and other materials.

With our professional knowledge we can design a warehouse building to withstand high wind speeds, seismic loads or arctic snow loads if necessary. We also offer as part of our service the ability to design our steel frame structures to accommodate the largest of overhead cranes and gantries, the ability to detail and install glazing and cladding systems complete with integrated personnel and vehicle access doors along with many other accessories. All are supplied and installed in accordance with the client's individual requirements.

Given the exponential growth of fabric industries, dyeing units are in much demand. SMC helps you set up highly efficient dyeing units with an ETP attached to it. This serves twin purposes of improving efficiency as well as promoting zero discharge.

 » Road works
Well laid out roads both within and leading to an industrial establishment.

 »  Pest control works
Proficient pest control systems based on the nature of enterprise.

 »  Water proofing

 »  Industrial machinery works
Performance packed machine units.

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