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Why should you choose SMC for your construction partner?

According to our clienteles, they think we are better than our competition. How do we recognise this? Because we ask them. We're continuously observing to enhance our customer's experience, so we ask them how we're performing and what we can do better. At the very inauguration of the project, we discover what their exact goals are and check in every so often all over the life of the project to understand whether we're still on target for attaining those objectives.

Our number one objective is customer fulfilment. So we haven't completed our job unless our customers say, "job well done."

Our values derive from our employees and our means. Our employees are the finest the industry has to offer. They are carefully chosen for their attitudes and their aptitudes. We have a can do approach and the resources to make it happen. When a client hires Sri Mookambigai Constructions India Pvt Ltd. they know they are receiving persons who care as much about their project as they do.


Through giving attention to safety we are paying attention to our surroundings. We care about our people and we care about our clients. We have a fully operational safety program. A benefit of our outstanding safety record is that the reduced overhead.


The quality to plans of installed material is examined daily. The continual quality control by Sri Mookambigai Constructions India Pvt Ltd., reduces the replacement of installed parts and promotes successful inspections, saving time and money.


We recognise the value of time. A decent schedule outlines expectations and is used as a roadmap through the project. Delivery and inspection dates are monitored and coordinated with construction activities. Long lead items are tracked to verify on time delivery.

The project schedule can be decided by an owner end date or by cost effective sequencing. When a schedule is set by the owner's end date, we develop it backwards to determine the requirement for overtime and speed up freight. When the end date is flexible, we create the schedule based on an effectual structure of processes.